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  1. Is so sad, already basel is horrible with their rules. Switzerland is closing the doors. 10 years that i play in a multikulturel band, Last summer they took our drummer to the police station, like a criminal, because he was playing a concert for food and promotion, you cannot receive food.
    10 years making the people dance, and this is how they pay us. Long time known, that musik in swiss can only be a hobbie, not living from music.
    Come and get me switzerland. Polizei with the sherlock holmes style. You will pay the karma of all this years. The problem is that you think that you can fix everithing with money and classic music.
    In our band pass 30 o 40 people from all around the world cuba, spain, japan, israel, germany, schweiz, argentina, mexico, hungary, costa rica, uruguay, and more.
    And yes, dont worry, we start to look for another countries that they really apreciate what we make.


  2. Wenn es ums Bauen geht (irgendwas,irgendwo und irgendwann) ist der Regierungsrat nicht so wählerisch als bei der Musik und Musikerinnen.In der Baubranche dürfen auch die “Drittstätler” schaffen.

    Es gibt eine grosse Gefahr dass sich die kleinkarierte Handwerker Mentalität hiermit definitiv durchsetzt und (bitte 😭 nicht) bleibt!


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